Why we started Palette


As therapists, we share a common goal, a wish to paint a brighter future. But to make our dreams could come true, we need a place where we can come together. This place exists. It is Therapy Space Palette.


・After you graduate from your school what will you do?
・Look for a place to practice your ideal therapy.
・Look for a place in the center of Tokyo to attend seminars.
・Want to rent a room in the in the center of Tokyo.
・Want to expand your knowledge.
・Want to communicate with other therapists.
We opened Palette for all of the above reasons.


Therapists who would like to advertise their businesses on this website, please send us an email. As we receive many emails, please type your name in the subject box.


We have a reiki School,but at the moment, classes are conducted only in Japanese.

Message from the Owner

Therapy Space Palette Owner
Kyoko Inasawa
Reiki Teacher, Body Therapist

While I was treating elderly patients who were suffering from illnesses such as diabetes at an internal medicine hospital, I understood the great effect natural therapy could have in assisting traditional medical practice. From this experience, I realized there was a necessity for a place where therapists could come to treat their clients and to communicate and exchange information with other therapists. I opened Palette with the desire to help other therapists build confidence and enjoy treating their patients.